Top 10 Best Keyboard Amplifiers Brands In India To Buy Online – Highest Rated Keyboard Amplifiers

A keyboard amplifier is a powered electronic amplifier and loudspeaker in a wooden speaker cabinet used for the amplification of electronic keyboard instruments. Keyboard amplifiers are distinct from other types of amplification systems such as guitar amplifiers due to the particular challenges associated with making keyboards sound louder on stage; namely, to provide solid low-frequency sound reproduction for the deep basslines which keyboards can play and crisp high-frequency sound for the high-register notes.

Another difference between keyboard amplifiers and guitar/bass amplifiers is that keyboard amps are usually designed with a relatively flat frequency response and low distortion. In contrast, many guitar and bass amp designers purposely make their amplifiers modify the frequency response, typically to “roll-off” very high frequencies, and most rock and blues guitar amps, and since the 1980s and 1990s, even many bass amps are designed to add distortion or overdrive to the instrument tone (for bass, this is called “fuzz bass”).

You must be buying for the very first time. Learning the guitar as well as trying to Buy Keyboard Amplifiers Online in India at an Unbeatable Price, both put the users on this dilemma. It’s very much recommended that you buy a good guitar in the first place that would last longer and be worth the money. Whether you are going to buy with a budget-friendly amount or value for money, so here one can Buy low Price Keyboard Amplifiers Online in India.

7 Most Popular Brand of Keyboard Amplifiers Online in India:

Different Types of Highest Rated Keyboard Amplifiers at Best Price to Buy Online in India:

Behringer Ultratone KT108 15 Watt Keyboard Amplifier


  • Extremely versatile 2-channel keyboard amplifier
  • Powerful 20-Watt, 8” dual-cone BUGERA speaker for wide frequency response
  • 2 instrument inputs with separate volume control for each channel
  • VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry for tube-like sound
  • Ultra-musical 3-band EQ for ultimate sound shaping
  • For support and queries, please contact_us on: [ 02522672367 ]

Stranger PM40 Octopad/Keyboard/Guitar Amplifier


  • Classic look & feel light weight
  • 40 Watts. 6″ Heavy Duty Speaker& Tweeter
  • Effect: Digital Echo

Roland KC-220 Battery Powered Stereo Keyboard Amplifier


  • Battery-powered stereo keyboard amplifier || Highly efficient power section with 30 watts of power (15 watts x 2)
  • Two newly developed custom 6.5-inch woofers and two custom tweeters || Onboard mixing with three 1/4-inch input channels, dedicated auxiliary input with 1/8-inch and RCA jacks, and master EQ
  • Built-in DSP effects: reverb and two chorus types || XLR mic input, mono/stereo line output, and headphones output || Metal jacks for increased durability
  • Runs on eight AA batteries or included AC adapter; removable cartridge for easy battery replacement
  • Accessories Included- Owner’s Manual, AC Adaptor, AC Cord

Behringer AT108-20-Watt Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier Latest Version with Reverb


  • Powerful 20W, 8 inch dual-cone speaker for wide frequency response
  • Microphone input with separate volume control
  • Virtual Tube Circuitry (VTC) for tube-like sound
  • Ultra musical 3-band EQ for ultimate sound shaping
  • CD input allows you to play along to your favorite music
  • Box Contains: Behringer Ultracoustic AT108
  • For support and queries, please contact_us on: [ 02522672367 ]

Vault DM-30 30 Watts Personal monitor for Drums, Keyboards and MP3 Players


  • Power rating: 30 W 10” 2-Way coaxial loudspeaker Line input
  • Two separate volume knobs for line input (Keyboards) and electric drums input 2-Band EQ
  • 2 Line Inputs
  • 1/4″ Headphones Out

Roland KC-150 Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier


  • Affordable 4-channel keyboard amplifier with 65-watt/12-inch speaker and piezo tweeter
  • Includes stereo Auxiliary input (RCA) and XLR Microphone input
  • 2-band EQ and Subwoofer output compatible with new KCW-1
  • Equipped with Headphones output



  • 30 Watts RMS.
  • 10″ Heavy Duty Speaker& Tweeter.
  • Line Out and Pre-Out.
  • 2 Input 1 Channel for Guitar / Keyboard.
  • Tone Control: Bass, Mid & Treble +10db

Stranger Cube C28, With Echo And Battery Backup,3 Input Guitar Amplifier, Black


  • Material: Wood And Rexin
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 25 cm x 15 cm x 30 cm
  • Package Items: 1 Guitar Amplifier

STRANGER PM 102 (Guitar, Octapad, Keyboard & Mic) Musical AMNPLIFIER


  • Power supply: ac 220v 50 hz compact size, metal grill and all plywood carpet finish
  • Dimension: 400(W) 380 (D) 500 (H) mm weight : 16.900 kgs
  • Tone control bass

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