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behosh wara lyrics marathi from movie email female sung by Sonu Nigam. behosh wara song lyrics written by Ambarish Deshpande. music label zee music marathi. Here One can find behosh wara Song Lyrics Pdf, behosh wara Song Lyrics in Marathi, Hindi & English, behosh wara Song Ringtone, Marathi behosh wara Song Download, behosh wara Song Mp3 Download. Get behosh wara song lyrics here Below.

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behosh wara Song Information:

Singer Sonu Nigam
Lyricist Ambarish Deshpande
Music Abhijeet Narvekar
Arrangers Abhijeet Narvekar
Programmers Abhijeet Narvekar
Music Label Zee Music Marathi

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behosh wara Song Lyrics By Sonu Nigam:

Unconscious wind hints at you


The lip cup is the bar

Drunk tip tip dripping

Let the night rain like this

The intoxication of the eyes flows through touch

Keep the lips on a silky waist

Don’t go near it

Don’t hold my hand

Madhal Kata Sushirunara

Wet glowing limbs trembling

Velvet fire How do you heal the mind

Why should I cover my body?

Your target is fatal

The gentle body became insane

This burning of raft sugarcane

It’s a love affair

behosh wara Song Lyrics in Marathi By Sonu Nigam:

बेहोश वारा तुझा इशारा 

देहात सरसर मोहरणारा 

ओठाचा प्याला हि मधुशाला 

नशेत टीप टीप ओघळणारा 

रात अशी प्रेमातली बेभान बरसू देना जरा 


नजरेतली ही नशा स्पर्शातुनी वाहूदे 

ओठांना रेशमी कमरेवरी राहूदे 

जवळ येना जाऊ नको ना 

तू हात माझा रोखू नको ना 

मधाळ काटा सुशिरुणारा 

ओला निखारा अंगावरुनी थरथरणारा 


मखमली आग तू मन सावरावे कसे 

ओढुनी घेऊ का तन पांघरावे जसे 

तुझा निशाणा हा जीवघेणा 

कोमल काया झालो दिवाणा 

बेडा उसाचा हा जळणारा 

त्यास आशिक तळमळणारा 


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