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Bankroll Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Lil Uzi Vert & Future. Bankroll song was released on the official youtube channel LIL UZI VERT from the album Pluto x Baby Pluto. Here One can find Bankroll Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download Bankroll Song Ringtone, Bankroll Song Mp3 Download.

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Bankroll Song Information:

Song Title Bankroll
Singer Lil Uzi Vert & Future
Album Pluto x Baby Pluto
Lyricist Lil Uzi Vert & Future
Release date November 13, 2020
Music Label Sony Music Entertainment, Epic Records & Atlantic Records


Bankroll Song Lyrics By Lil Uzi Vert & Future:

All that, all that, all that, all that, all that (Let’s get it)
All that, all that, all that
(Ayy, Brandon, why U do that?)

U talkin’ ’bout money, we playin’ with bags, we do it for fun (Grrah), yeah
Countin’ up all of the bands, got paper cuts on Mi thumb, yeah
Any nigga say Mi name, U know I probably made him run (Baow), yeah
All of Mi diamonds, they water, I swear, them shits taste like Dasani
Mi lil’ bitch, she wanna have Mi daughter, but she keep on eatin’ Mi sun, yeah
Mi bitch Japanese, Mi pants VLONE (Yeah)
She so bad, look like she mixed with some Nia Long (Yeah)
I make her moan, she say I’m the only reason that she rerun (Ayy)
She turn me on, keep touchin’ on me, know I ain’t leave her (Ayy)
Brought Mi foreign bitch, rush to the trap, she from a whole different region (Let’s go)
Yeah, I switch out Mi whips every season
Chrome Hearts on Mi lenses, I’m tryna see somethin’ (Yeah), uh
Diamonds in Mi tooth, why Mi teeth bussin’? (Ayy) Yeah
Chrome Hearts on Mi wrist, this cost three somethin’ (Money), yeah
Bitch, we run the block, only started with three onions (Ayy), yeah
If U won’t sell nothin’, it won’t be nothin’

I woke up with a bankroll
With a bankroll (Yeah), with a bankroll (Yeah), yeah, yeah
I woke up with a bankroll (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
With a bankroll, with a bankroll (Yeah, yeah)
I can count it up with Mi eyes closed (Yeah, yeah)
Count it up with Mi eyes closed (Yeah, yeah)
Count it up with Mi eyes closed (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I woke up with a bankroll (I woke up)
With a bankroll (I woke up), with a bankroll (I woke up)

She got the right one (Got the right), I got the right flow (Got the right, yeah), yeah
Talk about money, we play, we up next, we do it for fun, yeah
Speakin’ on ice, U probably should’ve went to Eliantte, yeah
I got these demons with me, they ready to come hit U up, yeah
I been drippin’ in CELINE doin’ designer drugs, yeah
I took a sip of codeine and fell in love
Cookin’ up dope like Chapo
Cookin’ up dope like Pablo (Cook it up)
Pretty much bought me a gun store (Pretty much)
I gave away all Mi Versace, ho (Yeah)
I got a Cambodian bitch (Yeah), and she mixed with a J.Lo
I got more keys than a custodian, I can switch Mi doors every day, though
Old money and new money
I’m gettin’ the tall money, I grew money (Yeah)
Poured up with a snow bunny
I could’ve slowed up and bought two hundred (Slow)
Hate it or love it, I’m drinkin’ on muddy
Bust down her Rollie, I got it all flooded
Sprinkle Mi Rollie in VVS (Sprinkle)
I got some pretty Korean friends (Yeah)
I got Draco, make me very upset, I’ma put U on CNN (Brrt)
Boatloads of dope comin’ in
Flipped it once, did it again

I woke up with a bankroll
With a bankroll, with a bankroll, yeah, yeah
I can count it with Mi eyes closed (I woke up)
Count it up with Mi eyes closed (I woke up), count it up with Mi eyes closed (I just count it up)
Cook it up like Pablo (Cook it up, cook it up)
Cook it up like Chapo (Cook it up, cook it up)
Growin’ up like Pyro (Yeah, yeah)
Get to smokin’ that hydro
I woke up with a bankroll
With a bankroll, with a bankroll


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