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Aruba Dushi Tera” is the national anthem of Aruba. It is a waltz written by Juan Chabaya Lampe and composed by Rufo Wever. The last verse was written by Hubert Booi. It was accepted as the Aruban national anthem on March 18, 1976. It is written in Papiamento.

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National Anthem of Aruba Information:

Lyricist Juan Chabaya Lampe
Music Rufo Wever
Adopted March 18, 1976
Composer Padú del Caribe
Official Language Papiamento and Dutch

Aruba National Anthem Lyrics in Papiamento:

Aruba patria aprecia
nos cuna venera
Chikito y simpel bo por ta
pero si respeta.

O, Aruba, dushi tera
nos baranca tan stima
Nos amor p’abo t’asina grandi
cu n’tin nada pa kibr’e, cu’n tin nada pa kibr’e.

Bo playanan tan admira
cu palma tur dorna
Bo escudo y bandera ta
orguyo di nos tur!


Grandeza di bo pueblo ta
su gran cordialidad
Cu Dios por guia y conserva
su amor pa libertad!


Aruba National Anthem Lyrics in English:

Aruba appreciated native land
our venerated cradle
you may be small and simple
but yet you are respected.

Oh Aruba sweet land
our boulder so beloved
our love for you is so strong
that nothing can destroy it. (repeat)

Your beaches so much admired
with palm trees all adorned
your coat of arms and flag
are a pride to us all!


The greatness of your people
is their grand cordiality
that God will guide and conserve
their love for liberty!



Aruba National Anthem Lyrics in Spanish:

Aruba patria apreciada
nuestra cuna venerada
aunque pequeña y simple
eres respetada.


Oh Aruba tierra querida
nuestro peñón tan amado
nuestro amor por ti es tan grande
que nada podrá destruirlo. (repetir)

¡Tus playas tan admiradas
con palmeras todas adornadas
tu escudo y bandera
orgullo de todos nosotros son!


Grandeza de tu pueblo es
su gran cordialidad
¡Que Dios guíe y conserve
su amor para la libertad!


Aruba National Anthem Lyrics in Dutch:

Aruba gewaardeerd inheems land
Onze vereerde wieg
U kunt klein en eenvoudig zijn
Maar toch gerespecteerd.


Oh, Aruba, mooi land
Onze rots zo geliefd
Onze liefde voor u is zo sterk
Dat niets het kan vernietigen,
Dat niets het kan vernietigen.

Uw stranden zo bewonderd
Alle met palmbomen versierd
Uw wapen en uw vlag
Zijn de trots van iedereen!


De grootsheid van onze mensen
Is hun geweldige hartelijkheid
Die God kan gidsen en bewaren
Zijn liefde voor vrijheid!


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