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America, Fuck Yeah Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Team America. America, Fuck Yeah song lyrics are Given by Team America and This song was released on the official youtube channel Team America. Here One can find America, Fuck Yeah Song Lyrics Meaning, America, Fuck Yeah Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, America, Fuck Yeah Song Ringtone, America, Fuck Yeah Song Download, America, Fuck Yeah Song Mp3 Download. Get America, Fuck Yeah song lyrics here Below.

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America, Fuck Yeah Song Information:

Song Title America, Fuck Yeah
Singer Team America
Lyricist Team America
Music Label Team America

America, Fuck Yeah Song Lyrics By Team America:


America, fuck yeah!
Comin’ again to save the motherfuckin’ day, yeah
America (Fuck yeah!)
Freedom is the only way, yeah

Terrorist your game is through
‘Cause now you have to answer to
America (Fuck yeah!)
So lick my butt and suck on my balls
America (Fuck yeah!)
What you gonna do when we come for you now?

It’s the dream that we all share
It’s the hope for tomorrow
(Fuck yeah!)

McDonald’s (Fuck yeah!)
Walmart (Fuck yeah!)
The Gap (Fuck yeah!)
Baseball (Fuck yeah!)
NFL (Fuck yeah!)
Rock and roll (Fuck yeah!)
The Internet (Fuck yeah!)
Slavery (Fuck yeah!)

(Fuck yeah!)

Starbucks (Fuck yeah!)
Disney World (Fuck yeah!)
Porno (Fuck yeah!)
Valium (Fuck yeah!)
Reeboks (Fuck yeah!)
Fake tits (Fuck yeah!)
Sushi (Fuck yeah!)
Taco Bell (Fuck yeah!)
Rodeos (Fuck yeah!)
Bed, Bath & Beyond (Fuck yeah, fuck yeah!)

Liberty (Fuck yeah!)
Wax lips (Fuck yeah!)
The Alamo (Fuck yeah!)
Band-aids (Fuck yeah!)
Las Vegas (Fuck yeah!)
Christmas (Fuck yeah!)
Immigrants (Fuck yeah!)
Popeye (Fuck yeah!)
Democrats (Fuck yeah!)
Republicans (Republicans)
(Fuck yeah)


America, Fuck Yeah Song Lyrics in Spanish By Team America:


América, ¡joder, sí!
Viniendo de nuevo para salvar el maldito día, sí
América (¡Joder, sí!)
La libertad es la única forma, sí

Terrorista, tu juego ha terminado
Porque ahora tienes que responder a
América (¡Joder, sí!)
Así que lame mi trasero y chupa mis bolas
América (¡Joder, sí!)
¿Qué vas a hacer cuando vengamos por ti ahora?

Es el sueño que todos compartimos
Es la esperanza para el mañana
(¡Joder, sí!)

McDonald’s (¡Joder, sí!)
Walmart (¡Joder, sí!)
The Gap (¡Joder, sí!)
Béisbol (¡Joder, sí!)
NFL (¡Joder, sí!)
Rock and roll (¡Joder, sí!)
Internet (¡Joder, sí!)
Esclavitud (¡Joder, sí!)

(¡Joder, sí!)

Starbucks (¡Joder, sí!)
Disney World (¡Joder, sí!)
Porno (¡Joder, sí!)
Valium (¡Joder, sí!)
Reeboks (¡Joder, sí!)
Tetas falsas (¡Joder, sí!)
Sushi (¡Joder, sí!)
Taco Bell (¡Joder, sí!)
Rodeos (¡Joder, sí!)
Bed, Bath & Beyond (¡Joder, sí, joder, sí!)

Libertad (¡Joder, sí!)
Labios de cera (¡Joder, sí!)
El Alamo (¡Joder, sí!)
Tiritas (¡Joder, sí!)
Las Vegas (¡Joder, sí!)
Navidad (¡Joder, sí!)
Inmigrantes (¡Joder, sí!)
Popeye (¡Joder, sí!)
Demócratas (¡Joder, sí!)
Republicanos (republicanos)
(Joder, si)

America, Fuck Yeah Song Lyrics in French By Team America:


Amérique, putain ouais !
Je reviens pour sauver la putain de journée, ouais
Amérique (Putain ouais !)
La liberté est le seul moyen, ouais

Terroriste votre jeu est à travers
Parce que maintenant tu dois répondre à
Amérique (Putain ouais !)
Alors lèche mes fesses et suce mes couilles
Amérique (Putain ouais !)
Que vas-tu faire quand nous viendrons pour toi maintenant ?

C’est le rêve que nous partageons tous
C’est l’espoir pour demain
(Putain ouais !)

McDonald’s (Putain ouais !)
Walmart (Putain ouais !)
The Gap (Putain ouais !)
Baseball (Putain ouais !)
NFL (Putain ouais !)
Rock and roll (Putain ouais !)
Internet (Putain ouais !)
L’esclavage (Putain ouais !)

(Putain ouais !)

Starbucks (Putain ouais !)
Disney World (Putain ouais !)
Porno (Putain ouais !)
Valium (Putain ouais !)
Reeboks (Putain ouais !)
Faux seins (Putain ouais !)
Sushi (Putain ouais !)
Taco Bell (Putain ouais !)
Rodéos (Putain ouais !)
Lit, bain et au-delà (Putain ouais, putain ouais !)

Liberté (Putain ouais !)
Lèvres en cire (Putain ouais !)
L’Alamo (Putain ouais !)
Pansements (Putain ouais !)
Las Vegas (Putain ouais !)
Noël (Putain ouais !)
Immigrés (Putain ouais !)
Popeye (Putain ouais !)
Démocrates (Putain ouais !)
Républicains (Républicains)
(Putain ouais)
Esprit sportif


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