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“Himni i Flamurit” is the national anthem of Albania. Its music was adapted from an original composition by the Romanian composer Ciprian Porumbescu, for the song “Pe-al nostru steag e scris Unire”. Here One can find Albania National Anthem Lyrics Pdf, National Anthem of Albania Lyrics in Albanian & English, Albania National Anthem Ringtone, Albania National Anthem Mp3 Download. Get Albania song lyrics here Below.

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National Anthem of Albania Information:

Lyricist Aleksander Stavre Drenova
Composer  Ciprian Porumbescu
Composed 1912
Official Language Albanian

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Albania National Anthem Lyrics in Albanian:

Rreth flamurit të përbashkuar
Me një dëshir’ e një qëllim,
Të gjith’ atje duke u betuar
Të lidhim besën për shpëtim.

Prej lufte veç ai largohet
Që është lindur tradhëtar,
Kush është burrë nuk frikësohet,
Po vdes, po vdes si një dëshmor!

Në dorë armët do t’i mbajmë,
Të mbrojmë atdheun në çdo kënd,
Të drejtat tona ne s’i ndajmë;
Këtu armiqtë s’kanë vënd!

Se Zoti vetë e tha me gojë
Që kombe shuhen përmbi dhé,
Po Shqipëria do të rrojë;
Për të, për të luftojmë ne!


Albania National Anthem Lyrics in English:

Around our flag we are united,
With one will and one desire,
A sacred oath are now proclaiming
For our salvation to aspire.

May only those avoid the struggle,
Those who are traitors to our laws,
Undaunted is a hero through and through,
He dies a martyr to the cause.

With weapons in our hands a-brandished,
We will defend our fatherland,
Our sacred rights we’ll not relinquish,
The foe has no place in our land.

For God has told the world, proclaiming:
The nations of the earth shall wane,
And yet will live, will thrive Albania.
For her our fight won’t be in vain.


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